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Author Alex Sanchez – This Creative Life ep 44

At long last, it’s the end of summer hiatus! We kick off this new…

August 21st, 2015
ROOMIES paperback day


This is a magical post from beyond time and space. I’m nowhere near a…

June 16th, 2015
Author Jennifer E. Smith – This Creative Life ep 43


Another podcast already? What? It’s true! I wanted to get one more episode in the…

June 8th, 2015
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  • Well, twitter, you have not let me down. Thank you! Will send off first batch of recs off to friend!

  • I was actually thinking about Marilyn Sachs' Amy & Laura books (this girl has 3 sisters) but not sure if they're too old fashioned now.

  • ISO book recs: 9 y.o. w/a '3 books by 1 author' project, likes eading abt horses & friendship, doesn't like scary or too exciting. Cozy MG?


“The prayer of anyone hoping to make himself into a writer should be ‘Lord let me grow into such a man as has something to say!'”
—Wallace Stegner

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