When is your next book coming out?

I wrote a collaborative novel with Tara Altebrando called Roomies, that was published in December 2013. My next novel is slated for around fall 2015.

How do I contact you about doing an interview, speaking at a conference, a school, a book festival, etc?

Contact Author Appearances at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

What year were you born?

Apparently this an important question for people planning on using one of my pieces for a forensics competition.  I’m honored! And I was born in 1970. A forensics coach has told me that this line on my official web site counts as your verification. Thanks again, and break a leg!

Are you ever going to write a sequel any of your books?

I’d never say never, but I will say I feel like all my characters are sent off into their futures in a way that makes me confident in their survival, but I don’t feel like I necessarily need to write more about them. If that makes sense. But, like I say, I’d never say never.

Are any of your books going to be made into movies? Can you get me an audition?

Once upon a time, Story of a Girl was going to be a movie. Right now that seems to be on hold. In any case, no, I can’t get you an audition for anything, sorry! In a book-to-movie scenario, authors aren’t really that involved.

I have a book report on you and one of your books due, um, tomorrow. Can you answer a bunch of questions right now and send them back to me ASAP kay thanks!?

I’m sorry that I can’t answer individual homework-related requests. The good news is that if you look carefully around my site, and do some Googling, I bet you will find everything you need to know. Fun fact: when I was in junior high and high school doing book reports, there was no such thing as email, or any way to reach any author within a period shorter than three months!

Do you read all your own email and stuff, or is it just a robot/droid or assistant replying to me?
It’s me! Depending on my schedule, it can take me a few weeks to respond to some email, but when I do, I promise you it is I. Currently (until about March 2014) I’m basically “away from the internet” while I work on my book and recover from an injury to my elbow.

I sent you a letter through your publisher and you never wrote back. Why?

It can take an unbelievably long time for snail mail to go through the mail system at my publisher and get to me. Often by the time I get a letter, it’s been four to six months. But when I finally get it, I do write back. Though if the return address is a school you don’t go to anymore, it may not reach you. I’m sorry!

Will you ever write a book that is not YA?

I hope to have a long career with opportunities to try all sorts of things, including fiction for an adult audience, nonfiction, screenplays, and more.

Can you donate a book to me or my organization?

I’m sorry, but I don’t have very many copies of my own books. If you want to read one of my books but can’t afford to, check your public library or school library.