Alive and Well (??) in 2018

Sometimes my mom asks me: “How come when I go to your web site, there’s nothing new there about what you’re doing or thinking?”

It’s complicated, Mom.

But she’s right—at least that every person with a site that includes a bloggish area of the site should probably have something there posted within the current calendar year.

And what a calendar year 2018 has been. Ooooooh boy. I mean for all of us, collectively.

Personally, it’s been the usual mix of too much going on, too little going on, same old same old, and change-change-change. I’m back teaching at Lesley University for a time, doing some manuscript consulting as my schedule allows, and, as ever, working on my next book (spring 2020!).

The highlights of the year as of this writing include getting to go to Italy to do some events with the Italian publisher of The Lucy Variations (aka Le Variazioni Lucy), making a return to both the Festival of Faith and Writing and the NESCBWI Annual Conference after some years away, and getting to spend some extended time back in my home state of California.

I hope another highlight of the year when it’s all said and done will be the midterm elections, and more California.

Oh, and Gem & Dixie is out in paperback as of 9/25. And, hopefully, soon to be published in Russian! Which somehow seems appropriate for 2018.

I’ll leave you with this picture from my Italy trip of life on the piazza, where people seemed to be very present, attentive to one another, and not in any hurry. Hoping to bring those attributes into my life here and wishing you, too, long in-person conversations with people you like, unhurried strolls, and pleasure in the little things that make up most of our days.