Summer 2017 Updates - including Story of a Girl movie, now available

I built this fire all by myself!

I built this fire all by myself!

Holy moly, have I really not posted anything since GEM & DIXIE came out? I guess it's not actually that surprising, as the months leading up to a book release involve for an author a lot of talking about yourself and your book and it's like ME ME ME all the time. Then I had the STORY OF A GIRL TV premiere after all the G&D stuff, so yet more meeeee. It gets old for us (and maybe for everyone else, too).

That said, I do have a couple updates about meeeeee:

  • Most significantly and as an actual answer to a question I get asked a lot: Yes, the STORY OF A GIRL movie is now available for you even if you don't have cable, Lifetime, etc! You can buy it in lovely HD for only $4.99, nearly the cost of a rental, via Amazon video, iTunes, Vudu, and maybe wherever you usually buy your video content.
  • I wrote an essay for the IMAGE Journal film issue about the experience of seeing my book adapted to screen, and also about adaptation as a metaphor for more or less everything in life and faith and art. You can read my essay on the web site, but if you are a film lover, I must encourage you to buy the print issue because there's so much good stuff in there about why film (and art) matters.

I'm overdue to write and send out a new TinyLetter. This is the best/only way to get info directly from me in your inbox, so if you haven't subscribed, go for it! I don't do them very frequently so I promise it will not be overwhelming.

Speaking of GEM & DIXIE, thanks you to all the readers who've written and left reviews and contacted me about the book. I'm glad it's connecting. You don't have it yet? What? It's available now in hardback and ebook, and if your book budget is as small as mine, you can always look for it at your public or school library.

In other life news: I bought a used minivan for road tripping (and took it solo camping), I turned in a draft of what will hopefully be my next book, and I called my senators more than I ever thought I'd need to. I hope you've had a good summer, and I'm especially thinking of those of you going off to college or maybe saying goodbye to someone going off to college. 

I've got some exciting stuff coming in 2018 that will take me on the road a little, where I hope to get to see more of you in person. Until then--see you in your inbox and on the webs.