ten year anniversary makeover

Hello from my new web site, debuting approximately ten years after the publication of my first book! It's still sort of in the works as I figure out what the heck I'm doing. It's coming with a blog reboot--c'est la. 

Watch this space for Gem & Dixie tour updates, Story of a Girl movie updates, and, well, you get the idea. The key word is "updates".

Also, in 2017, I'm kicking off a newsletter using the TinyLetter platform. You can sign up here. The content is going to be a thrilling mix of deep thoughts, pop and high culture stuff I like, and pictures of me with Kevin Bacon and regular bacon. It will look a lot better than the old thing that used to mail out my blog posts.

I intend to keep the "tiny" in TinyLetter most of the time, but the first issue might be on the less tiny side as I plan to write about what I've learned in ten years of being a published author.

Until then!