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February 22nd, 2013
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It’s been awhile since I posted a good old fashioned practical update about my goings on as an author. So here is some news!

Registration is open for the Niagara Writers/Illustrators Retreat and Conference. I’ll be on faculty, along with Ellen Hopkins, editor Susan Rich, Roman White (um, hello, director of the video for only the best Taylor Swift song ever – “You Belong with Me”), Jim Averbeck, Debbie Ohi, and well just go ahead and see for yourself. It looks to be an amazing time against a gorgeous backdrop. May 3-5.

I’m getting excited about THE LUCY VARIATIONS, though Lucy stuff has been sneaking up on me as this year goes by faster than expected. The publication date is May 7 (you can pre-order now from your favorite bookseller, or put in a request at your public library), and the first trade review is already in–a star from Booklist in the March 1 issue:

…Zarr does what she does best. Writing in the third person, she really, truly gets inside her characters’ minds and shows us what makes them complex human beings—their faults, fears, and hopes.

(Especially their faults, in this book, I think.) Also, various people who’ve had ARCs have been reacting positively. My favorite of the words that keeps coming up is “uncomfortable”. Awwyeah.

Would you like to experience discomfort live and in person with me? If you live in or around Boston, D.C., or New York, it looks like I’ll be headed your way around the second week of May. I’ll post full details as soon as they are confirmed and we can all be uncomfortable together!

The Tour of Lucy will wind up at the 8th Annual Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival, on May 18. I was last there in 2008 and basically had the most fun ever and am thrilled to be going back.

UK friends – THE LUCY VARIATIONS will also be published in May, by Usborne. I’ve had such an incredible experience with them and I hope hope hope that someday soon I get to come to you…

Lastly: It won’t be long before Tara Altebrando and I can reveal the cover for our collaboration, ROOMIES. Stay tuned!



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